New! Co-Isolation of Plant and Pathogen/Parasite DNA

The isolation of DNA from multiple divergent species is important for investigating microcosms, whether it is symbiotic biomes or host/parasite interactions. In the case of the latter, rapid and easy isolation of DNA from the host/pathogen can allow for detection and monitoring of infection. Within the agricultural realm, a simple method for isolating DNA from both the host and pathogen, followed by quantification, can demonstrate the presence of a pathogen and be used to determine the extent of the infection (Gachon and Saindrenan, 2004). For instance, the ability to rapidly assess such host/pathogen levels could be useful in determining the application of pesticides (McCartney et al., 2003).

OPS Diagnostics developed the Synergy™ DNA isolation chemistry in order to rapidly isolate plant DNA for standard PCR assays. Synergy™ is a chloroform-free chemistry that relies on bead beating to separate contaminates from the nucleic acids. (More)

NEW! 50 ml Polycarbonate Vials

OPS Diagnostics is pleased to offer a new 50 ml polycarbonate grinding vial that has the same base format and design as the popular 15 ml PC vial, but over three times the volume. The increased size of this vial allows for the processing of up to 3 gm of plant tissue, 8 gm of seeds (22 corn kernels), and 4 gm of animal tissue. Vials are sealed with newly designed silicone lined caps.

We have added a guide "Selection of Grinding Vials for Sample Processing" to assist in vial selection. This guide provides recommendations regarding sample mass, grinding media, buffer volume, and homogenizer for designing efficient homogenization processes.

50 ml Polycarbonate Grinding Vial for Large Samples

Free Guide!  Bead Beating: A Primer

The staff at OPS Diagnostics is pleased to provide this guide "Bead Beating: A Primer" to the research community.  This guide takes a close look at the different parameters that affect the homogenization of biological samples using bead beaters.  Click here to download this PDF document for free.

Bead Beating Primer

Mini G™  Homogenizer 

Mini G™ is the cost effective alternative to the 2010 GenoGrinder®. This bead beater can handle the same number of samples as the original GenoGrinder at a much lower price. It is smaller, lighter, but as powerful as the full size GenoGrinder.  It is the best homogenizer for most labs.  For more information, click here.

1600 Mini G High Throughput Homogenizer